finally 2011 ended up


hey pretty hey handsome :)

happy 2012 >.< so how urs new year ?
happy or sad ? hope y`all happy ^_____^
since I`m begin this new year with new entry so I
want to list all bad memories I`ve been through last year .

-been left by the person that I had loved the most
-57 to 45 , hard to accept because it wasn't good for my self . I mean I was getting thinner because of lost      appetite.
-waited for someone in vain
-bad result . no dekan :(
-further degree with no hope . life END
-the worst birthday ever :(

I hate last year so much . should I continue this new year
with no hope ? I wish I can do the best in this year and for the
next and next and next year :)

Nurul Bahiyah Abdul Aziz , your life now begin with HOPE !!
aja aja fighting >.<

I`m 20 ? OMG 

hey this is me ,NBAA though :)

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