Exam week 2nd Year 1st Semester : Day Two


Assalamualaikum and Hellooooooooo jejaka's dan gegadis

Early of this morning, I sat for Health Safety and Environment
paper. Tricky gila soalan dia. I was like eh apa ni eh I already
did this tutorial eh how come I forgot how to solve it.

And it ended up with wrong solution. Syabas betey syabas 
lompat bas! Actually I tak dapat tidur pun the whole night
before exam and bila lepas subuh prayer, mulalah I terangguk
angguk geleng geleng kat katil. I memang tahan nafsu mata I
nak tidur sebab exam pukul 9 and we need to be at exam hall
30 minutes before exam start. And before tuh pun my friends
dah cakap, yaya ni mesti kuar after an hour. Oh sememangnya
I memang nak buat macam tuh tapi what to do,the questions
were too long to read and answer it.

And sebab I dah lalok macam ambil weed, I tak bawak pun
any notes nak selak selak before masuk tuh. My friends yang
duduk sebelah I waktu tunggu nak masuk exam semua duk
hafal hafal dan hafal and ask questions lah. On that time, I dah
macam eh boleh tak dia bagi aku masuk sekarang aku 
dah lah sleepy gila.

Before the exam , I looked so makcik makcik yang pergi pasar
Beside I tuh my roomate, Miazara and her heart already taken btw :)

And the girl who looked so cuak is Nida.

After je habis paper, I was so glad sebab dah tak
payah nak fenin fenin hafal. So I can focus kat\
next three papers pulak. Fuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Actually I want to ask about something ;

If in your class have only 6 girls and one of them from other programme and she is kinda close to you and your friends, will you help her? I mean like you got tips from lecturers, will you tell her about that ?
Ok just that question. Childish nya soalan I.
Alright, I gotta study for next paper. Pray for me.


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