Aidilfitri 2013


Assalamualaikum dan Salam Syawal .

Rasanya macam dah terlambat nak ucap tapi I still want
to wish Happy Eid Mubarak to all. This year raya I felt
so so, I don't know why but I think it was because of my
age. Day to day , years to years , I am getting older . tsk
tsk but it's okaylah. Dude, I'm still 20 and forever 20 okayh?

So here is my family photo during raya!

I have a lot of stories to share but still have no mood to
update. It take long longggggggg times to get the mood.

Gtg , later I update okayh?

p/s : I miss him , yes I do

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